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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!!

Bedbugs like to hide in the crevices of upholstery, mattress, and luggage

It’s not always a matter of cleanliness. Bedbugs are invasive creatures who, unfortunately, can spread easily from places like movie theaters and hotels into your home.

Bed bugs can live months (and even years) between blood meals. Bed bugs also lay hundreds of eggs and have many offspring. In addition, bed bugs have evolved to become resistant to many insecticides and can survive weeks at extreme temperatures. Thus, preventing bed bugs infestation is the best strategy

It can happen to anyone, so let’s see how to reduce the risk!

  • Inspect luggage and clothing: Bedbugs like to hide in the crevices of upholstery, mattress, and luggage, and then they hitch a ride into your home.
  • Look around: Bed bugs like right angles, so they can be found on headboards, bed frames, mattress piping, drawers, and windows. They can also be present on the under surfaces of furniture or in peeling paint.
  • Check for droppings: Bed bug droppings typically are round brown splotches. Check mattresses and sheets as well as other furniture. If droppings are seen, bed bugs have been there and are probably still there.
  • Second-hand items: Check moving boxes which may be harboring bedbugs and their eggs and don’t pick up free or dumpster items that may have bedbugs on them.
  • Check Mattress Seams: If you think you might have a problem and let us know so we can begin treatment immediately. Please see this site to learn more about prevention and treatment. Exterminators are seeing a huge spike in affected apartments, so it’s up to you to play it safe!

Seasonal Bug Tip Remember

Spring is the time of year for bugs to come alive again. Natural remedies are the safest. Be sure to use good practices such as sweeping up crumbs which attract bugs, keeping doors closed, and researching natural remedies.

Safety Reminder

As a reminder, window screens are not safety devices. They are meant to keep bugs out, not to keep people in. Make sure that individuals cannot and do not lean against window screens. Ensure that couches, shelves, and other household items do not give children or other persons access to climb up or lean against screens.

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